A home game and a big win at home

This weekend I headed uptown to check out a home game I discovered on Craigslist. I am happy to report that the group strikes a good balance between a friendly and serious game, and I will definitely be going back. We played a NLHE tourney (30 buy-in, 20 rebuy, 20 add-on) and I finished 8th. No money for that, but I would estimate that I am better than at least half the players in the game and I’m sure a cash is in my future.

Meanwhile, I managed another 8th place this weekend, this one in the $109 deep stack on Stars. I heart deep stacks.

ATLARGE is coming! Are you registered?!

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Congrats on another nice finish.

Are your skills more suited to tourneys or do you enjoy them more than cash games? Unless your skills are better suited for the tourneys, I bet you can build your bankroll faster in cash games. And with smaller fluctuations.

But maybe you are playing both still and the tourney reports are just because of the justified excitement about good tournament results.

Whatever is going on, hey, keep up the winning.

I’m sad I won’t be at ATLARGE. I play in Atlantic City for about a month each summer. I even kind of like the place (Borgata especially).

Jodi, you are a cute gal, and you play poker, how cool is that? 😉

Congrats on your finishes, and continued success.

Stumbled on to your blog from 21 outs.


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