Catalunya Life

The road to ruin

After five years of planning my life around Barcelona’s excellent (if expensive) public transportation and the kindness of licensed drivers, I’ve decided it’s finally time to get my very own Spanish driving license. I’ve had my New York State driving license since I was 16 years old. However, the Spanish government does not recognize U.S. […]

Catalunya Language Life

Today someone recited a poem to me

It wasn’t the guy in this video, I just included it so non-Catalan speakers can appreciate how beautiful the poem sounds. Dóna’m la mà (Give me your hand) by Joan Salvat-Papasseit (1894-1924) Dóna’m la mà que anirem per la riba ben a la vora del mar bategant, tindrem la mida de totes les coses només en […]


Mercat del Ram

We went to Vic to see some cows, eat some cheese, and watch an exhibition of different equine disciplines including horseball and natural horsemanship at the Mercat del Ram. If I ever want to become a vegetarian, I’ll just tape this picture to my refrigerator.