FARGO 2007

Another lovely FARGO has come and gone. By now my most faithful readers, most of whom attended FARGO this year (hi Rick! hi Dave! EDIT: also hi David K!) already know that I busted from the NLHE tourney in style, with AA versus my opponent’s KK in round two. After this unremarkable hour and twenty minutes of my life, I played some 10-20 HE (lost big) and then dealt to Lauri “Jeff’s in Vegas” Calkins and her worthy opponent in their FIHUPT8 semifinal with Lauri emerging victorious and locking up second place in the tourney. Lauri had a frigging amazing FARGO, also finishing third in the pairs event on Friday. The sorority also booked another victory when Llew took down the NLHE event! Go Kappa Beta!

Lauri and I joined the Matros boys and Ivy Janet for lunch and then we organized a $100 sit ‘n go in the suite, which I happily won and erased my 10-20 losses from earlier in the day. Ivy and I enjoyed pumpkin spice lattes, which got me sugared up enough to jump into the 5-10 HORSE game for the rest of the night and into the early morning. A good time was had by all (when we weren’t arguing with the floor and various dealers about how HORSE is actually played in FARGO world) and I managed to book a nice little session. I should really learn to play the RSE parts of HORSE, though – so far my best move in all three is to hit the ‘fold’ button. Because of this I skipped the HORSE tourney on Sunday and cut my FARGO cameo short.

Many thanks to Joan for organizing the events – she did a terrific job! As for poker updates, set the over-under at ATLARGE 2008. (Unless the Calkins crew cooks up another home game before then…hint hint).

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Well I feel left out.

Be Cowless. Cowabunga. I’m a HORSE. Wait – that didn’t come out right.

Oh, well. Sorry you couldn’t stay around longer Jodi.

Take Care,

Didn’t know you were a reader, Bart! Everybody needs to quit hovering and speak up! 🙂

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