Go, Baby Go!

My boyfriend Chris is currently sitting at the final table in the $1000 buy-in no limit event at the L.A. Poker Classic. During the last break he called to let me know they were seven-handed and he has a decent stack. I’m so happy he’s about to make a nice score – and so proud of him for both his poker skills and his mad stamina – day one (Thursday) they played sixteen hours straight. Whaaaaat. This puts my ten hour Super Bowl Sunday tourney run to shame. And I got to do that in p.j.’s, ordering my favorite take-out food, and chatting with my baby! I can’t even imagine the increase in pressure playing in a big tourney like this live. Even the small live tourneys I’ve played have been very intense. Go baby, go!

I have started a new SnG spreadsheet that I picked up from 2+2. So far seems very cumbersome and difficult to read for meaninful data. I am faithfully transcribing all of my results into the various categories of SnG’s that I have played. Hopefully I’ll be able to get something meaningful out of it and this won’t just be a new method of putting off my school work.

As I was just blogging this, Chris called to inform me that he is the current chip leader in the tourney with five to go. Yes, yes, yes people – give him aaaaaaall the money.

Watched the “Battle of the Sexes” round four this evening. The women lost AGAIN and are officially out of contention for the team win. I don’t know what to say to defend these girls, but I do know that Antonio Esfandiari is now on my official “list” (those who know me know what list I’m talking about). Wow. What a douche. And I know he’s done douche-y things on T.V. before, and that this format encourages the sexes to take pot shots at each other, but wow, what a douche. Congratulations, Antonio. You’ve made it onto the “list.”

Since returning to Millbrook I have not won in live action or tourney action. This weekend I’m on dorm duty, so I won’t be able to play much. Maybe a little break will turn the tide. I’m rereading Sklansky’s SSHE again, working on my spreadsheet, and getting into the meaty part of “Winning Omaha 8” by Mark Tenner. Even though I won’t get to play very much, poker will still be part of my weekend.

Kick some ass, Fargis!