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Haggadah 2.0

facebook-haggadahSnaps for my cousin Goldi who shared this link to the Facebook Haggadah by Carl Enkin. If you enjoyed the original haggadah and you have been sucked into the Facebook, you will likely get a kick out of the Facebook haggadah.

Further info on haggadot:

  • What are they?
  • Read about the Serajevo Haggadah saved from Nazi confiscation by some incredibly brave people.
  • Images and history of the Barcelona Haggadah, one of the most beautifully illuminated versions ever found, now available for purchase in facsimile edition for a mere $4,810 (get yours quick! only 550 copies will be printed!).

Happy Passover to those who celebrate it. I hope that next year, we can celebrate it together!


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i hope that next year we can celebrate it together too! love you and your work.

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