I’m the Worst

Hand #9174173-13603 at Casablanca ($5/$10 Hold’em)

pokerboss posts the small blind of $2.
ccopperpot posts the big blind of $5.

Hero: 7c 9c


fnininja calls.
Hero calls.
pokerboss calls.
ccopperpot checks.

Flop (board: 6d 2s 7d):

pokerboss checks.
ccopperpot checks.
Fnininja checks.
Hero bets $5.
pokerboss calls.
ccopperpot folds.
fnininja calls.

Turn (board: 6d 2s 7d 7h):

pokerboss checks.
fnininja checks.
Hero bets $10.
pokerboss raises to $20.
fnininja re-raises to $30.
Hero…………. folds. (????????)
pokerboss calls.

When I bet and get raised here, I don’t mind and plan to check call unless I fill up. But when I get raised and reraised, I get nervous. As I muck my hand, I feel like I’m making a bad fold and I should have continued with the original plan of check calling the turn and river.

River (board: 6d 2s 7d 7h Kc):

pokerboss checks.
fnininja bets $10.
pokerboss calls.

At this point I am thinking I made a good fold, because how could I be beating both of these gentlemen? Then to my chagrine they show the following hands.


fnininja shows Ad Ts.
fnininja has Ad Ts 7d 7h Kc: a pair of sevens.
pokerboss shows 2d Js.
pokerboss has 2d 2s 7d 7h Kc: two pair, sevens and deuces.


A disastrous fold that cost me a large pot. I don’t make many folds this bad anymore (those that go to showdown and reveal their badness, anyway) and when I make one like this I want to punt a small dog across the room. Humanely, of course. Anyone else out there folding to the reraise? Anyone capping?

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If you just look at the play on the turn in isolation and assume that you are up against decent opponents then I think you have to figure that you are beaten (by something like 66 or A7s). But any hand that beats you was clearly misplayed on the flop. Anybody with top pair or an overpair should have bet/raised on the flop to protect his hand against draws to overcards or a straight. So it looks like your opponents are not too stellar just based on their flop play. Still, I would have to know that fnininja was a real maniac to be able to make that call, so I wouldn’t beat yourself up over it.

I think you played a little too well for your own good there. At that level, online, no way I lay down that hand. Too many weird possibilities for what those jokers might be holding.

Hard to say without knowing how the other 2 players play, but I probably would call and check-call the river. Against, a solid player, i might fold. Not as bad a laydown as you think, though.

It’s pretty rare that you want to fold trips in Limit Hold ‘Em. This was definitely not the time for it. Barring a four-flush or four-straight on board, it might be correct to never fold trips in this game. Limit Hold ‘Em isn’t about big laydowns–it’s about extracting value.

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