Is this collusion?

Party SnG, middle of tourney. I have been card dead since the start and need to pick up a hand. I’m the short stack and have played two hands the whole tourney. I’m dealt a small pocket pair in middle position and raise it up. It is folded to the small blind, who thinks for a full minute. While he’s thinking, the big blind goes, “Damn, I’ll respect that raise.”

Well shit, now the small blind knows that he doesn’t have to worry about action from the big blind. So of course he calls, shows JJ and busts me.

So what do we think? The big blind spoke out of turn and let the small blind know what he intended to do. Thoughts?

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It’s a violation – I’d get the tourney number from your hand history folder on the hard drive, and notify Party Poker about it – they’re pretty good about following up on those things.

If you do follow up, please let us know what happens. I’ve not had luck with PartyPoker cheating complaints.

-Larry (New York City)

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