Jodi’s Blog FAQ

Q: Is this a poker blog?

A: Yes and no. As I am barely qualified to administer a poker blog, I will advise my dear readers that the content of this alleged “poker blog” will be pretty low. I’m still learning the game and I’m still learning to analyze hands, so most of the hands I post will either show how silly my low limit opponents are (expect merciless swipes at their intelligence) or utter frustration with “donkeys” and their suckouts. Since I grow bored with both types of stories myself when sitting at the card table, I won’t blame you if you leave my blog now and never come back. Hopefully, as my experience and knowledge of poker grows, my posts will increase in quality.

Q: Can you recommend a poker blog that is actually good?

A: Yes. Read by Chris. (I will make a more elegant link when I figure out how, sorry.) He’s a great writer and a great poker player. His legendary “Donkey of the Day” column is worth a daily visit.

Q: Is Chris your boyfriend?

A: Yes.

Q: Is there anything redeeming about your poker blog whatsoever?

A: I like to think there will be. I’ve just become tired of slogging through the idiotic posts on Two Plus Two and the like, looking for useful poker commentary. So I selfishly created my own space on the web for my own poker discussion. I hope people will show up and answer my questions. I hope there will be intelligent discussion of poker literature and recent poker goings-on. I hope no one will make fun of Greg Raymer getting jumped at the Bellagio or spin tails of conspiracy about Party Poker and how it is rigged. I hope someone, anyone, will read my blog ever. (Too desperate there at the end?)

This concludes my blog FAQ. Have a nice day!