(Sung) Oooooooooh…Party Pooooooker

Having a dreadful run lately. Surely it has nothing to do with being unemployed and depressed in New York City! j/k

It was one of those months where everyone seems to have the one hand that can beat you, the wackiest draw that comes in on the river…you know how it is, so I won’t elaborate or bore you with my bad beat stories. I’m hoping to get this out of my system and turn things around when I get to Vegas on Wednesday. I won’t be playing in the Series of course, but I recall that the 4/8 game at Bellagio is pretty sweet, and I think I will be giving the small tournies at Aladdin a try. I probably won’t go back to the Orleans – the structure was pretty bad and the amount of starting chips was small. Plus the place is damn sketchy.

I’ll update from Vegas….

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Sorry to hear you’re having a bad run.

To what tune am I supposed to sing the post’s title? (Because you know I’ll do it.)


It’s the tune of the Party Poker commercials – you know, what the guy sings after the woman explains that her car has once again been struck by a meteor, or what the guy sings when the girl comes out of the dressing room and doesn’t “look great”.

I will demonstrate when we get out there this evening.

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