Valar Morghulis Illustrated

I’m a sucker for an infographic that illustrates the fates of all the characters in a literary fantasy world. That’s why I love this Game of Thrones one from the Washington Post.


Holy sit

I knew sitting was bad, but I didn’t know that every time I sat down a terrifying shadow beast creeps up behind me. I guess that’s because when I turn around, I am doing a small bit of exercise, which reduces the time that I’m just sitting. Hence the lack of shadow beasts when I […]


Plotting death

The media here in Europe has shown us a disappointingly one-sided picture of American reactions to the death of Osama bin Laden. The New York Times has gathered a more balanced collection of reactions and let the authors plot them on a graph. The x-axis runs from Negative to Positive and the y- from Insignificant […]