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The Long-Overdue Engagement Post


The time has come for a cheesy, possibly nauseating engagement post. You have been duly warned!

Oscar surprised me on Thursday night when he magically appeared on my doorstep in Brooklyn. He was supposed to be working in Barcelona and then going to his family’s house in the country for the weekend. I was 100% fooled and caught by surprise. I was also surprised on Saturday morning when he proposed!

After breakfast he brought me to Prospect Park. We sat on a bench by the boathouse, near a little bridge. He then told me a list of reasons why he loved me and why he wanted to marry me. I was laughing and crying in turns, because some of the reasons were very touching and others were pretty funny. Then he offered me a beautiful Tiffany engagement ring and asked me to marry him!


I happily accepted, and I kid you not – as we will tell the story for the rest of our lives – although it was an overcast day, when I said yes and Oscar slipped the ring onto my finger, the clouds parted and the sun shone briefly upon us. Isn’t that kickass??

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muchas felicidades!!!! me da mucho gusto saber que te casas, dale mis felicitaciones al suertudo (Oscar) jejeje
saludos desde “chilango-land”

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