Visca Vista?

I bought a new laptop for the first time in four years this past week. I have been waiting for Vista to settle in a bit, since various factors require that I buy a Windows machine. The first thing I want to say is that this computer is gorgeous. It is a Dell Inspiron 1525, and while it’s not the slickest model out there today, it is just a beauty of a little laptop.  From its built-in web cam, to its super sweet touch pad, to its delightful TrueLife display, I could not be happier with the physical aspects of my new baby.

Enter Vista.

I actually enjoy a lot of things about Vista, which I won’t get into because too many others have already done so. I have mainly one problem with it, which is that it doesn’t play nice with Adobe’s Creative Suite 2, which is the design suite I use daily. Now, obviously Adobe has us all by the scrotum here and can easily force us all to buy CS3. I pose the following question to all my designer and techy friends:

Who should go, Vista or Adobe?

I haven’t bought new Adobe software in two years, so it wouldn’t be outrageous for me to buy the new CS3. And I’m not one of those Vista haters – at least not yet – so “Vista sucks” will not be an acceptable argument in this debate. I do have the choice on this machine to dump Vista and install XP.  This option is cheaper but seems silly since Vista is the future, as is CS3.

I am looking for reasons to keep Vista, reasons to upgrade to CS3, or any other input from all you savvy people.