I am becoming more and more convinced that my generation – or as I like to call them, the Nintendo-playing, Red Bull-swilling, digitally-remastered pansies – will never actually grow up. The most recent proof: geocaching.

Real life, reality shows, Indiana Jones – what’s the difference, really? We’re all living inside an NES, except now it comes with virutal reality goggles, a plasma screen, and a lithium battery that doubles as a cell phone charger. It also plays mp3s.

I remember when instead of myspace, I had a pen pal. Her name is Cecilia and she lives in Argentina. I keep the letters she sent me in a box in my room. The average time between our communication was approximately six weeks.

I remember when I had to use a map to figure out how to get from point A to point B.

I remember when I used to balance my checkbook by hand.

I remember when I needed stamps to pay my bills.

Is anyone else freaked the f*** out by the extreme convenience of our daily lives?? I mean, how much easier can life get?? What’s next, click here to take a dump?? ??

Sorry to sound like an old fart at the age of 25, I just shudder to think how much sleeker and unrealistic my life can get. I mean, God willing there are many years ahead of me. If life is already this much like a television show about itself, what is it going to be like when I’m 50? 70? Beyond?

These kids today (and by kids I mean myself and my peers) have turned their phones into toys and their cars into giant video game consoles. Geocaching? Sounds like fun, sure. I just hope its participants remember that in real life, there’s no restart button.