A Winning Day

After a hectic day of errands in the big city, I decided to unwind with the Party 5+1 and then take a nap. Well, I never got to the nap because I ended up placing 6th in the 1600+ field tourney, which took about five and a half hours. I was third in chips at the time and got dealt AK. I raised three times the BB and got called by the big blind, who was the chip leader and a very LAG-type player (who claimed he had to get going and take his kid somewhere and kept reminding us every five minutes). The flop came 9 7 K rainbow. Our friend Super Dad moves all-in, his favorite move (usually followed by a reminder about his kid). I of course called and he flips over T7. The poker gods did not smile on me, however, as the turn brought a six and the river was an eight, giving Super Dad the runner-runner straight. I’m out but I’m smiling because I got it in with the best hand, and because I added $350 to my Vegas/cruise bankroll.

But wait, there’s more!

A while back I was shopping around for a new SNG stomping ground, since the Party ones only give you 800 chips to start. I tried playing at UB for a bit but ended up cashing out after only two days because I abhored the interface. Well since I’ve been trying to play some Triple Draw lately I’ve given UB a second chance. No big cashes in the Triple Draw games yet, BUT in the last two days, I’ve given their tournies another chance…and I’ve taken first in two 20+2 SNGs and 18th in a 10+1 “turbo” MTT. The players seem much softer overall, and the extra starting chips let you play real poker, which is refreshing. So maybe UB will be seeing more of me in the future. All of this is a great running start to our big trip next Tuesday. Let the games begin!