Bubble Beat

Played a small buy-in multi on UB this evening to prepare for my trip to Vegas tomorrow. I played intelligently but ended up short-stacked with only eight people to go to the money. With a stack of 2500 chips and blinds of 600 and 1200 with a 100 ante, I shoved with A6o. I got called by the big stack who had AcJc. The flop brings me two sixes. Joy! But wait, wait…is that a second club on the turn…and a third on the river? Booooo. He makes his flush and I’m out eight off the money, the worst possible place to finish. After three hours of poker, I walk away with the same prize that the first guy out received. Fantastic.

Looking forward to similar beats and more in VEGAS and on the CRUISE! I am super psyched to bust up some tables in both live and tourney action, both on land and at sea. I’ll try to update this blog during the trip.