Back in action…and out again.

I sat in what I thought was a 20+2 tourney when I got home from class and realized too late it was 20+2 with rebuys. Too big but too late, I resolve to play it well, which meant that I was in for $102 by the end of the first break (counting the add-on). I had an above average stack and built my way up to third place (35,000) when the following hand occurred:

Blinds 200 and 400, there is a min raise to 800 and four calls in front of me. I hold AK and reraise to 4000. Fold to a player I have covered by about 100 chips. He reraises to 11,000. He has demonstrated several times that he never gives players credit for big hands and loves to push tons of chips into the pot. I reraise all-in and he calls. He shows AQ. The flop comes 8 K J…10…9 and I’m down to 100 chips instead of settling in as chip leader. I’m out soon after.

Of course after the hand, I’m thinking it through and replaying it, wishing I had just called the 11,000 and moved on the flop, but Chris pointed out that if he as AQ, I want to play the hand exactly as I did because I get all the chips (barring that nasty 9, of course). I guess if I’m shooting for first and I know the guy’s a nutcase, I can’t play it any other way.

I don’t include this hand to bemoan a bad beat. I would like to know your thoughts regarding the play of this hand. Anyone not get all the chips in here? Remember, we’re 80 from the money and our goal is to win the tournament.

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I would have gotten all the money in. But I probably don’t worry about the 9, I’d be more upset about the K J and 10.

I push as I also play to win. I think your play was fine, just a bit unlucky, part of poker.

given your read on the player, all-in was the right play. you could fold to a tight players reraise, but that was not the case here.

i’d raise more with AK there pre, you don’t want to encourage a big pot with AK vs another guy with 100 bbs to play with (i’m guessing he was one of the 800s…otherwise this was quite a table) , plus without detailing the other stacks any mild pair could easily jam on you whereas a bigger raise makes it harder

once he reraises its an easy jam, people in this level tourney are guilty of loose re-raising until proven innocent

you absolutely CAN’T flat call his re-raise, AK is the worst possible hand to have 25k behind with a 25k pot and see a flop with, unless you’re goal is to fold if you miss the flop and that ain’t your goal

Given your description of the player, I get the chips in for sure. And like gaamblor, I make a slightly bigger initial reraise. Gaamblor is also right about why you have to reraise preflop. It’s a very rare situation where you want to just-call preflop with AK.

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