Back on the HORSE…or the HOT, rather

Went to the Northside and played rotation last night. I wasn’t really out for blood since I was just dorking around with Rob and Teddy, but as always I brought my “A” game and tried to play my best. The stakes were small, which made it hard to play seriously, but the props kept my gambling gremlin in check (I took black and Teddy took red for flops; I also took hearts against diamonds with this girl who was sweating our game while her boyfriend played the $1/2 NLHE game). I ended up booking a nice win for the stakes, most of it coming from scooped Omaha pots and triple draw. Woot.

Something that always seems to happen when we play these small friendly games is that when we go to divvy up the pot at the end of the night, it’s always off somehow. Even on the drive home we were trying to figure out how that happened tonight since we all bought in for the same amount, no one rebought except to buy chips from each other directly off the table, and we kept the pot next to us at all times. Our only two explanations were a) some money fell on the floor and we forgot to check there; or b) during the impromptu total blackout** at 1:30, someone swiped some cash from the pot. It remains a mystery, folks.

I think I need to work on value betting in triple draw. On one hand, we were three-handed and I held 85432 and just called when there was a bet and a call in front of me. On another I held 76532 and just called when Rob raised me on the river. I just called and he flipped up 76542. Did I miss a bet here? I think so.

Home game tomorrow. You boys better be ready. _______________________________________________________________________________________________

**Yes, that’s right, a blackout. The power company shut off all the electricity in the building in order to do some work on the wiring. So there were thousands of dollars on the table in total darkness. In a poker room. No lights. Just the glint of the moonlight off the cigarette smoke in the air. Nice job, electric company. The best part was that these degenerates wanted to go buy candles so they could continue the game.

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I’m not sure 3 betting there makes sense against most opponents. If he’s bluffing, he will fold. Otherwise if you give him a perfect 8 or a 7 you will win one more bet twice, chop once, and lose two bets twice.


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