Moving is a biotch

Greetings, loyal readers. These past few weeks have been a whirlwing of activity, mostly un-poker-related. Those of you in the know will be glad to learn that I have officially moved into my slammin’ new digs in Brooklyn. Special shout-outs go to Anthony and Teddy for doing the heavy lifting. Teddy, I still owe you a decent meal. Anthony, a Big Gulp of Diet Coke with your name on it awaits you in Sunset Park.

After the security deposit and the all-important investment in a new bed, the bankroll is a bit light and I’ll probably be hanging out around 5/10 a bit more for a while until I build it back up. I did play a small tourney the other night at the Northside, but ended up bubbling when the small blind limped in and I pushed my short stack in with AK. He rolled over AA and IGHN. The frustrating this was that I was three-handed with two very predictable players, and would have had a good chance to win the whole thing if I’d been able to double up on this hand.

There is an interesting article that Chris pointed out to me a few days ago, and I think it merits discussion. It’s a post from Andrew Prock’s blog and can be found here. After reading this article, I think it’s a bloody miracle that I ever built a bankroll playing below 5/10. Check out his very convincing math and you’ll see why. Admittedly, most of my bankroll came from one-table SNG’s. I wish I could bring myself to play those things again. Anyone out there trying to become a winning player and getting frustrated at 3/6 and below should check out this article. Good stuff.

Not much poker going on this week as I set up my new household. Sadly, I will not be putting in an appearance at the Series this year either. I know what you’re thinking: why the hell am I reading this alleged “poker blog” if there is no poker in it? Quite frankly, I don’t know why the hell you’re reading it. Oh well, while you’re here, why not check out the new poker gallery or the other exciting areas of my website, which sadly are receiving more attention than my poker blog these days. Don’t worry. I’m sure to win something else big soon and then have an interesting post for you to enjoy. Until then…play good!

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Yeah, moving, buying a car and job hunting are threee biggest biocthes in life IMO.

I saw some problems with your website:

1) The link to the PPM photos are screwed up as they are hard links to a J: drive.

2) The email submission form on your website is screwed up as the email address field only accepts 20 characters.


I’ve been thinking about playing some limit as well as MTT. What is your take on the 5-10 on UB? Is a solid, tight aggresive style enough to be a winner, or is the level of player of such a quality where hand reading and pushing small edges is of a premium?

Congrats on the new digs!

The level of play in my opinion is similar to 3/6. I would say the main difference is that instead of loose-passive donkeys, you have loose-aggressive donkeys. Lots of three-betting and capping. Keep the Pepto close at hand.

I think the only “real” poker I have played on UB has been at the 10/20 level. There you’re actually able to use some more sophisticated plays. Sometimes. Usually, by the book is the way to go with these mronos IMHO.

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