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Breaking a rule of good blogging.

Good blogs contribute new content to the internet and to the world. I usually try to write a good blog. Not today. Today, I am participating in a myspace-esque, poor excuse for an entry, pass-this-on-to-your-friends activity. And since I don’t know anyone else who writes a blog with any sort of regularity, I guess this will be the last link in the chain.

From Kenneth McRoberts’ Catalonia: Building a Nation Without A State

In fact, the intellectuals and thinkers who gave birth to the Catalan nation in the late nineteenth century did have unusually powerful materials to work with. Simply put, they gave ‘national’ form to a cultural, social, and even political reality that had existed for many centuries, indeed since the late 900s. Moreover, this historical entity has some remarkable accomplishments and achievements to its credit. Given such a long and illustrious past, it is not difficult to see why so many contemporary Catalans remain committed to obtaining recognition of their nation. ~ p. 6

4 replies on “Breaking a rule of good blogging.”

uauuu…. I see you’re getting all you can to undertand OGs obsesion for the CAT thing!


It seems to me that you’re an excelent harvester… We have a saing that goes like “Qui sembra, recull”.

Anyways, your interest on our cause it’s an honorable detail.


It’s not a detail – as a patriot, it is my duty to study and understand the Catalan plight.*

When are you coming to visit us?

* Com es diu “brainwashed” a catalan?

Don’t know. Now We have plenty of time as he has extended his visa.

Let me see when can I make it.

No one word for ‘Brainwashed’ but you could maybe use ‘ABDUIT’ from the english ‘abduction’ as it would be used for same reasons. Literal ‘Brainwashed’ it would be ‘rentat el cervell’ but it must be part of a sentence.

I’ll try to send you ‘the deplorable history of the catalans’ a book first edited in England back on 1714, and reedited in Barcelona in the 90s…

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