Bring it on home

Two very fun home games this week. First I gave a poker lesson to my friend Abby, her boyfriend Jess, and a few others on Wednesday night. Aside from giggling and cracking wise, we managed to talk a bit of poker strategy. Both Abby and Jess were excellent students, so watch out for them at the tables! Abby in particular is very aggressive. Hide your wallets.

The biggest pot of the night was between this guy Jeff and me. We both flopped a set, and unfortunately unlike Gus Hansen I didn’t hit my magical one-outer. Fortunately I only lost about five bucks, rather than 300K. And I still quit the game winner – up a whopping $7. at stakes of $0.25/$.50 that’s not too shabby!

Last night I went to a new home game on the Upper East Side. For some reason, after watching me teach poker for three hours the night before, Jess thought it would be a good idea to invite me. This was a NLHE cash game, which is just about my least favorite form of poker to be honest, but I like to practice it from time to time. I also think it’s important to sit down and practice playing against new opponents in a live game.

The level of skill varied. We were seven players, and the stakes were $.50/$1 with a $40 initial buy-in. The action turned serious on about the second hand when Helen (who may very well be my long lost twin based on her personality and playing style) raised in early position to $6. This quickly became the standard pre-flop raise. Right away I liked this game because the players were actually pretty solid and knew what they were doing, but they were all pretty easy to read and no one was aggressive enough to push me out of a pot (although who on this planet is, really?). In short the game was on, and the game was goooood.

Not getting much done in toureys lately. I’ve cashed in a few of the big Sunday tourneys, but only enough to get my buy-in back and get pissed off that once again, I didn’t win $175K. The play in these tourneys, especially the Party one, is gloriously poor, and every week so far I’ve been gifted a giant stack very early on, only to have it torn away from me by the same morons, only this time sucking out on me with hands like AJ when I have AK and they call for all their money. Newsflash, donkeys: AJ is not a good hand to call your whole stack with when I have you outchipped. You’re not ahead. Ever.

Just two months until FARGO! My heads up title is on the line. Come and get it, people!

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