What’s my motivation?

I’m sorry to say that it’s finally happened. A poker tournament has gotten so long and drawn out that I’ve losing the energy required for *sweating* it. As we head into Thursday’s ESPN live broadcast, I’m going to to need a few things to keep me going:

  • lots and lots of snacks
  • healthy hatred of one of the final tablists (provided by Terrence and said player’s absurd chiplead)
  • stalwart hero to support (Allen Allen Allen! oy oy oy!)
  • AIM uplink to people whose poker opinions I respect (to avoid the only commentary being, “he either has a Royal Flush or he’s bluffing – for historical context, please refer to any WSOP final table production pre-2004).
  • stress toys
  • side action (anyone wanna do props with me during the broadcast?)

That should about cover it. I am ashamed to say that I have not followed much of the Cardplayer coverage the last few days. Once all my friends and allies were eliminated, I pretty much stopped caring who made the final table. Now that the game is on, however, I feel I should make some effort to enjoy the last day of the most ridiculous poker tournament ever played. Join me, won’t you?