Bubble girl

So exactly how disastrous of a move was this:

One table SNG on the bubble. I have 1400 and the blinds are 100/200. I’m starting to feel that special anxiety when you see the blinds coming around and have less chips than you’d like. However, I’ve also been practicing my patience lately, and so I haven’t done anything crazy despite this anxiety.

I’m dealt 99 in the small blind. UTG limps. He’s a tricky player and this should send danger signals flashing through my brain. It gives me even more pause when the next player in (the button since we’re four-handed at this point) limps as well. But here I am in the small blind with 99, a strong hand four-handed. And my stack is dwindling. Of course you know the rest. I pushed all-in. BB folds, UTG types “nice” and goes all-in himself (for about 2300). I take issue with this “nice” because the button folds, but I figure he was probably going to anyway since he only had UTG covered by like 100. Of course he had AA, of course I felt like a moron because that was the most likely hand for him to have and limp UTG on the bubble, of course I got no help and busted out fourth.

Could a better player have laid those nines down and waited for a better spot? Most likely. I’m sure it was an extremely incorrect play. In fact I *know* it was. But I couldn’t afford to just call, and I don’t think I could afford to fold. Or could I have? I’m sure a better player could have, and I’ve probably read somewhere in my study of the game that I’m an idiot for going up against a big stack with 99 on the bubble. So I guess I’ve answered my own question. Anyone who knows mathematically or theoretically how stupid my move was, please feel free to comment below so that I can know *exactly* what a fool I was, especially since I wasn’t surprised to see him turn over that AA. Duh!

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were you the short stack? if so i don’t see how pushing in can be a bad move. you absolutely can’t fold getting 7-1 on your money. you’re better than 7-1 to flop a set and you’re obviously going to put it in on other flop like 876. if the guy limps with aces, he limps with aces, but he can easily have two sevens or like QJ or something. don’t feel like you played it badly just because he woke up with aces.

If you suspect a big hand from the limper, then calling is by far the best play (why do you say you “can’t afford” to call for 100?). If the limper often limps weak, all-in is by far the best play. As Chris said, no way in the world could folding ever be correct. Folding is far worse than moving in here.

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