Played SNG’s today. Placed third in two and lost on the bubble in one (so far…). In the one where I bubbled, I did so because I made a very irritating mistake. The player sitting to my right had not tried to steal the blinds once the whole time. In the big blind, I’m dealt A3o. (Predict what’s coming next). My friend the tightwad raises big, and what do I do? After just making a mental note that he had not tried to steal the blinds all night? I reraise all-in. Of course he has AJs and my three never comes. The worst part was that I had him covered and so I had to sit there on my short stack feeling bad for myself until the blinds took the rest of my chips.

If I’d been concentrating on the SNG, rather than the star-studded Tsunami Relief concert, I never would have made that call. So Brad Pitt and you other celebrities…you owe me 22 bucks.

Or how about if I just frigging concentrate on the game?! Damn it.

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Sucks to know your making the wrong move and continue with it anyway. It also sucks to know your making the right move and get sucked out. Oh well. Nobody said Poker is easy! I am sure with your teacher you will get better.

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