California, Here I Come

Heading to Pasadena for my friend Sarah’s wedding. Poker will be happening, so maybe I’ll post about our midnight run to the Commerce. For now, I offer this amusing hand.

mick4444 posts the small blind of 100.
Hero posts the big blind of 200.

pokerdottie: — —
anytoowilldo: — —
QuietInc: — —
mick4444: — —
Hero: 9s 6s
Lushus: — —
RoyL1: — —
The Goggler: — —
AUburn H0: — —


Lushus calls. RoyL1 calls. The Goggler folds.
AUburn H0 folds. pokerdottie folds. anytoowilldo
calls. WILEEC folds. QuietInc folds. mick4444
folds. Hero checks.

Flop (board: 8d 7d 5c):

Hero checks. Lushus goes all-in for 600.
RoyL1 raises to 2700. anytoowilldo folds.
Hero goes all-in for 3170. RoyL1 calls.

Tournament all-in showdown — players show:

Hero shows 9s 6s.
Lushus shows Ac Ah.
RoyL1 shows Ks Kc.

Turn (board: 8d 7d 5c 4d):

River (board: 8d 7d 5c 4d 7s):


Hero has 9s 6s 8d 7d 5c: straight, nine high.
Lushus has Ac Ah 8d 7d 7s: two pair, aces and sevens.
RoyL1 has Ks Kc 8d 7d 7s: two pair, kings and sevens.


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