“Fox”-y Lady

Up at Foxwoods for FARGO. This is the most fun I’ve ever had playing poker, in part because it’s a bunch of great people who are fun to hang out with, and in part because of my results from yesterday. Now, I know we’re not supposed to let results color our thinking about how we play poker, but I think anyone will admit it’s more fun to win than to lose (unless you’re some masochistic type of person…not that there’s anything wrong with that).

We arrived at Custy’s international buffet (the best buffet I’ve ever been to by far) and got in line for the unlimited lobster (the only stipulation: take one at a time, please). At that point, the tournament director of the Fossilment Invitational Heads Up Tournament came over to Chris and I and asked if we were still planning on playing the event. Filling my plate with coconut shrimp, I agreed to play even though I had decided that the entry fee was too big for my bankroll and I was tired from a week of very little sleep.

The tourney had a fantastic structure and everyone got their money’s worth in my opinion – the first phase was a round-robin series of five matches, which was fantastic…

I’ve just been informed that I have to get my tail down to the poker room to get a Wampum card to register for this morning’s tourney. So I’ll have to finish this later. Long story short, I went 7-0 in my matches to reach the final match. I’m going heads up this evening, and I’ll update the blog after that. To self: play perfect poker.