Food Language

The Spanish Inquisition, hiding in plain sight

The ubiquitous Serrano ham legs hanging in restaurants and homes across the country are the legacy of public displays of pork-eating — prohibited by Judaism and Islam — by new or pretending Christians hundreds of years ago. “Those never seen eating pork became suspects of the Inquisition,” says historian Sebastian de la Obra, director of […]

Catalunya Language Life

Today someone recited a poem to me

It wasn’t the guy in this video, I just included it so non-Catalan speakers can appreciate how beautiful the poem sounds. Dóna’m la mà (Give me your hand) by Joan Salvat-Papasseit (1894-1924) Dóna’m la mà que anirem per la riba ben a la vora del mar bategant, tindrem la mida de totes les coses només en […]

Language Nonsense

English or Newyorkish?

In the latest bizarre language news from the Iberian peninsula, the parliament of Aragon has passed a new law declaring that the languages spoken in the eastern and northern parts of the region will henceforth be called Lapao (Lengua Aragonesa Propia del Aragón Oriental) and Lapapyp (Lengua Aragonesa Propia de las Áreas Pirenaica y Prepirenaica). […]