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The Spanish Inquisition, hiding in plain sight

The ubiquitous Serrano ham legs hanging in restaurants and homes across the country are the legacy of public displays of pork-eating — prohibited by Judaism and Islam — by new or pretending Christians hundreds of years ago. “Those never seen eating pork became suspects of the Inquisition,” says historian Sebastian de la Obra, director of […]

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NYT Thanksgiving-erator

The folks at The New York Times have created the Thanksgiving-erator, a nifty and cleanly-designed interactive tool for preparing your Thanksgiving menu. You can choose from seven different menu philosophies (from modernist to colonialist to baconist). Based on your choices in each category, the tool will put together a list of recipes for your main […]

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The slice-swipe correlation

My favorite street economists explore the curious parallels between the rising price of subway fares and pizza slices in NYC. Some other examples of their field work: Vend diagram – NYC street vendors affected by the recession Checkmate – “America’s most valuable resource…is poor people. Poor people with checks.” Bodega – Quarter water and the […]