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Throwback Thursday: José at Astor Place Hair

During the years that I lived in New York City, only one person cut my hair: José at Astor Place Hair. I even got my hair cut by José after I moved to Barcelona! I would let it grow out during the months between trips to the US and head to Astor Place almost directly […]

Design Food USA

NYT Thanksgiving-erator

The folks at The New York Times have created the Thanksgiving-erator, a nifty and cleanly-designed interactive tool for preparing your Thanksgiving menu. You can choose from seven different menu philosophies (from modernist to colonialist to baconist). Based on your choices in each category, the tool will put together a list of recipes for your main […]


The Art of Power

Today’s politicians can draw important lessons from the genius and the flaws of Thomas Jefferson. Here’s a clip from Jon Meacham’s interview this week with Jon Stewart (though it’s well worth watching the entire interview [starts around 0:15:00]): Resonating lines for me: “Jefferson was afraid of Britain militarily and culturally, but also that we would […]