Democrats in da HOUSE

Okay, now we just need to win the Senate and online poker is back in business. Democrats LOVE to make up new taxes. Why not a tax on internet gambling???

If Ohio gets to have slot machines, I don’t see why I can’t get my Razz on.

My web designer trial by fire continues. Very soon, I hope to announce the launch of a very exciting project that I’ve been working on. The road has been frustrating at times but also fun. It really is amazing how customizable web content is. The only trouble is, once you start messing with code, all sorts of nonsense can and does occur. Perfectionism is both a blessing and a curse in this field, it would seem. Still, I’ve been more energized by this project than by anything I’ve done at my office in the last year (except for designing my office’s Intranet, which basically counts as the same thing). I’m going to focus as much of my energy on this as I can and hopefully start to build a really kickass portfolio.

Does anyone want a website??????

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Looks like the Senate is your as well.

I’m a Republican but more a moderate than conservative. This loss doesn’t really bother me, because the Republicans had forgotten why they were voted in in the first place.

Good luck with your web projects, it sounds like you have a real passion for it. T

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