Money Laundering at UB?

The first new workaround for the Port Security Act has arrived in my gmail inbox. Yes, Ultimate Bet has emailed me a way to buck the system and use my credit card to fund my online poker account. You can check it out here.

This system may not be new, and I’m not entirely sure it will work in the US regardless of what UB says. After reading through the FAQ, it does seem like a viable option. Could this mean the illustrious return of hotcookie42 to the world of online poker?? Or could it give the government the excuse it needs to start tracking the activities of online gamers…

Regardless of its viability, this system is inconvenient and also involves annoying fees. I likely will not be opening one of these accounts. My hiatus from online poker has afforded me opportunities to do other things – things which I have enjoyed more than online poker and which potentially provide a source of steady income free from government micromanaging. (DOES ANYONE WANT A WEBSITE?!?) Still, every once in a while I long for a 180 sng on Stars…

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I was under the impression that Neteller would no longer be accepted by many cardrooms…is this not the case?

Life without online poker is so refreshing. Sure, it’s fun to make money playing cards. But it’s much more fun – for me – to create something more than a bigger PokerStars balance. More on this in my next post.

I kind of agree with you, for a while there I was playing way too much online poker. But after not playing for almost a month, I started feeling like a tourney, and neteller still works fine, at least as of now.

I wish I was interesting enough to warrant my own website–if I ever am, though, you are the first person I will come to 🙂

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