Future Degenerates of America

Congress be damned! We can still fritter away our dollars in all sorts of ways. Vive la Resistance! Student worker Molly from my office demonstrates one of the many ways to show the Man how dumb H.R. 4777. Behold how she boldly gambles away the balance on her Trump Marina slots card.

Not pictured is the bank robbery that Molly had to commit in order to cover her slot debts.

Did I mention her father is a Harrah’s Platinum Club member? Maybe Congress should lock him up for being a poor moral influence on his daughter.

Alas, it appears too late for tender, impressionable Molly. She’s a degenerate for life now. She should really be careful though – I heard terrorists are using slot machines to brainwash Americans and turn them into suicide bombers.

Congratulations to Matt who took 35th in the 3K LHE event. These events are grueling, and I’m so proud of all my friend who kick ass at poker who are making a dent in the Series this year.

Keep playin’ goot, everybody!

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Molly “Left Eye” is wanted in 5 states for bank robbery. Don’t let that sweet innocent smile fool you, she’s a tricky one she is.

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