Prepare for total world domination

Here’s hoping for good luck and good cards for my Brooklyn cohort Matt Matros, who is going deep in the 3K limit hold ’em event. Matt is a great tournament player and a sharp limit hold ’em analyst, so he’s got a great shot at taking this one down.

All of my peeps doing so well at the Series is getting me quite excited to get out there myself and kick some ass. I won’t be playing any of the tourneys this year (the bankroll took a hit when I had to furnish my new apartment) but I’m psyched to relive the atmosphere from last years’ Series and to take more than my fair share off of the side game tables. Although if anyone is interested in staking me in any of the Series events, well you just let me know! Also let me know if you are down for some karaoke, because I sure am!

You can expect to see me at the $10/20 limit tables and in any small tourneys that end up running at other casinos. And if you can’t find me at the poker table, try looking for me at the massage table, the buffet table, or dancing on a table. Just kidding. Sort of.

Play goot and behave…….