Played rotation last night at the club – hold ’em, omaha h/l, stud8, and triple draw. I would have booked a nice win if I hadn’t been doing props with Teddy. I don’t usually play props, but it’s the only way to get Teddy’s action gremlin under control and get him to play serious poker, so we were playing a 25 cent prop, red or black on the flop, trips pay double. You might think it impossible to lose $20 on this prop during a four-hour session, but Teddy caught a sick run of red flops and I’m pretty sure I lost at least $20 on this prop. Anyone else think I was getting hustled?? ;0)

I still managed to book a miniscule win, and more importantly had a great time. Maybe we can convince Rob to run a serious HOET game….?

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Thanks to your dear I am actually up!!! thats the only way i guess i can win cause theres no chance playing real poker…

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