Something’s Wrong…

…when five skilled poker players go to AC, split up among the Taj, Borgata, and Showboat, and none of them cash in a tournament. Oh well, at least Teddy put $350 on third twelve and got me my buy-ins back. Oy veh.

Current mood after this trip is best expressed by Stu and Stuey:

Stu and Stuey, too pooped to poop

One reply on “Something’s Wrong…”

OMG to funny!!! Does Stu even know you took this? I guess its better to be lucky than good in poker (Q3o vs 77 trip 3’s wtf?) grrrr!!!!hgr7390au4ua89!!!!

You all have to learn how to get the “FEELING” then we all can start making some real$$$.

BTW next time I ask you red or black; 2nd or 3rd; streak or zig zag please say it with a big smile on your face and with confidence!!! it just makes me feel better LOL!!!

–King of 9th place again!!!

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