Howe Caverns

Today we took a nice drive out to Howe Caverns, where I have many fond memories from childhood field trips. It is really impressive to walk among the rock formations, especially when you think that the first people who went down there did so with nothing more than oil lamps!

Over 600 weddings have been performed in the caves as well, including many before the installation of the level walkways and stairs. That’s a lot of brides crawling through ground water – I still don’t know how they got their wedding dresses on in the freezing, damp, pitch-black caves! (Or why they wanted to…)

We zipped back to town for a delightful lunch at Gershon’s.  I don’t know what Tony puts in the macaroni salad, but I am determined to find out before he retires.

Back to the house for a lazy read in the hammock, followed by more little league fun on a sunny evening in Niskayuna.