I feel human again

New Yorkers were blessed with warm, glorious sunshine this weekend. Sitting in Cobble Hill Park, I started remembering that I actually LIKE living in New York during many months of the year (exclude: January, February, August, and December). The sunshine was a welcome treat, but as Ivy says, we won’t know it’s spring until we see the crocusses start to bloom. And of course, once we see the first stoop sales…

Sadly, my new house does not have a stoop, so don’t look for the Neufeld/Wynn/Wood stoop sale any time soon. However do look for the Neufeld/Wynn Birthday extravaganza at some point in the near future.

For those of you purists out there, there are only 7 shopping days left before my official birthday. God help you if you haven’t started putting serious thought into your gifts. For those holding off until Jodi’s Birthday (Observed), you’ve got about a two week grace period. Stay tuned for the official date of the birthday extravaganza. Please refrain from all gifts involving organic lingerie.