I’m Official

I knew there was a reason I married a European citizen.  And here it is: my NIE card. The NIE is like the US green card, only it’s not green. I thought I’d write about my experience of getting the NIE, and in fact documenting my entire immigration adventure, but then I decided just to give you people what you really want: my god-awful NIE photo. Enjoy.

Before you ask, no, I’m not sure what “Sexo: M-F” means. Mujer-Femenina?

Spanish citizens will note that unlike the DNI, this card is only in Spanish, not Spanish and Catalan. I suppose that’s reasonable. I mean, what foreigner could possibly learn to read an identification document in Catalan?*

*Maybe, I dunno, me? Or these guys…

Got an immigration story to share? Post it in the comments! You might take your cue from this CNN article about expats in Turkey.

2 replies on “I’m Official”

Looking good, Jo! As Pablo Francisco would say, you’re “Fii-ii-iiine”.

But you’re not a Gimeno, according to this card!

Ugh, I know. Long story short, if it’s not on your passport, it’s not your name. I’m working on it.

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