Lost in translation

I am frequently inspired by the efforts of many groups and associations that are working to raise awareness of Catalan culture. Many of their key figures are Catalans not by blood but by choice, which makes their projects all the more compelling (and also, I think, says something very important about what it is to be Catalan in the first place).

One such project that I heard about a few months ago and now stumbled across again is InTransit, a website and quarterly print journal that provides a “Euro-mediterranean perspective on Spanish current events.” They explain:

“What led to the creation of InTransit was the realization that most foreign citizens living in Spain form their opinions almost exclusively from the media produced in Madrid. It is clear that the Catalan language barrier makes it difficult to reach this community, which is why we are convinced that tools such as this newsletter are necessary to bridge the existing gap.”

Good and important reading from top minds in Catalonia, translated into English to facilitate global consumption. Tasty!

Bonus rec: a good source for English-language opinion pieces is the Catalan Views blog from the CNA.

There, now y0u’ve got your weekend reading. Endavant!