Mermaids, pride, puzzles, and of course, brunch

I need a weekend to relax after the crazy weekend I had with og, oe, and gc. A brief summary of our activities:


  • Brief pit stop at the ice cream truck after giving up on the line at Shake Shack
  • Union Square market and people watching
  • Sight seeing at Pier 17
  • Burgers and suds (Coke for me) at Old Towne Bar on 18th


  • Adventure at United States Post Office
  • Stop at my house for supplies
  • Prospect Park
  • Mermaid Parade at Coney Island
  • NAP
  • Sant Joan private party in SOHO, where og won swanktastic jazz tickets for tomorrow night at Lincoln Center
  • Wacky hijinx


  • Brunch with gc at Big Daddy’s
  • Madison Square Park for crossword puzzling and NY Times reading
  • Gay Pride
  • Brooklyn for resume writing and business card making
  • NAP, then dinner
  • Ice Road Truckers on the History Channel

To see more of our adventures and read my mildly entertaining photo captions, check out the photo album.

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mmm…pse pse! us trobo a faltar, i trobo a faltar la ciutat…quan trobi una feina vinc! això està fet Jodi! 😉
Un petó

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