Much to be thankful for

Played a small rebuy tourney on Stars tonight. It’s amazing how big the prize pools get for these things – they guaranteed 10K in the prize pool but ended up giving 5K for first place alone.

I ended up placing 26th out of 1450, a decent place, although my elimination was rather ludicrous. I raised with AQs in early position and got called by one other player. The flop came A 7 J rainbow. I had enough left to push all in for a pot-sized bet. The other player thought for a few minutes and then called with A8o. Surely he had calculated his odds of hitting a T and a 9 and decided he was getting the right price. He had me covered just barely, and won the monster pot and knocked me out of the contest.

Off to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with Chris’ family in Syracuse. It’ll be a break from poker so we can focus on what’s really important: manicures and Division I basketball! I hope everyone enjoys a safe holiday with family and friends.

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I’ve been knocked out in the last three tables three times on a huge rebuy tourney on Stars. Each time has been with AK v AQ or AJ – twice all the money has gone in after an ace on the flop. Ah well. Happy thanksgiving.

“I raised with AQs in early position and got called by one other player.”

You should check that hand history.

Yeah, there was an early position raise, and a call. You made a small reraise to about a third of your stack.

That right???

Unfortunately it looks like I’ve played too many hands since this tourney and PS can’t send me the hand history. I could absolutely be wrong about how the hand went down – doesn’t make me feel any better about it!

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