No guts no glory?

Second level of a three table SNG on Party. Average stack is 1200, blinds are 10/20, you have about 1600 in late position and are dealt pocket nines. There are two limpers and then the player in front of you makes the minimum raise. You call, two more people behind you call, as does limper one, but then limper two moves all in for about 500 chips. Min raiser guy just calls the all-in. What do you do?

I am not going to post my thoughts or the results on this until I hear what others think. So speak up!

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How much does limper 2 have behind? It’s pretty close between calling and folding. Moving in should not be an option.

You only have T40 invested at this point. Calling off over 25% of your stack at this point is unreasonable. The fact that the min raiser didn’t reraise to isolate is likely a sign of strength, and you are facing holdings better than your nines.

Regardless of what the other players had, and what appeared on the flop does not change whether or not this was the right play. Stick to the 5/10 rule.

I’d fold. You have a good stack for this position, just keep building it up other ways. All-in limper could have AA or KK. It wouldn’t surprise me if the min-raiser had a poor hand, but I don’t think it’s worth playing 99. What are you going to accomplish on the flop and afterwards?

Definite fold. Way too much of your stack at risk on a marginal hand. You’ll be racing at best, and possibly a big dog. If you flop trips, great, but you can find a lot cheaper situations to troll for trips…

This is a pretty easy fold for me. I wouldn’t want to take 99 against two hands for such a large amount of my chips this early.

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