Please help Jumpin’ Jacks

A few nights ago my family and I had dinner at Jumpin’ Jacks, one of my favorite childhood summer spots. Enter Hurricane Irene and it’s now literally under water. (We were sitting at one of the pavilions shown below. Scary.)

Matt Baumgartner over at Bombers Burrito Bar is raising some cash to help Jumpin’ Jacks get back on its feet. If you ever ate a Jack Burger or enjoyed a waterskiing show on the Mohawk, chip in a few bucks. That way next summer we can hear those hard working kids yell “Subway!” when we toss our change in the tip jar. Donate now!


One reply on “Please help Jumpin’ Jacks”

Thanks for posting this, Jodi! I used to love going to Jumpin’ Jacks as a kid, and was shocked to see how much damage there was after the storm.

Safe travels! xoxo

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