Poker on a Boat

Due to a slow, expensive internet connection on board, I was unable to update the ol’ blog from the M.S. Oosterdam, the scene of the Party Poker Million IV. The ship was beautiful and the food never-ending. Unfortunately, the cards were not with me as they were in Vegas, and the nausea I was feeling after each session was not due to seasickness. Finally on the last day I was able to book a nice win, but it couldn’t make up for the beginning of the voyage, and even with my big Vegas wins I’ve ended up down overall for the trip.

The Vegas games definitely spoiled me in terms of softness. The Party Poker players were mostly loose, aggressive types who were playing poker in an actual room for the first time. Many of them were so excited by the notion of a live straddle, not permitted on Party’s site, that they would just do it every hand. I had to adjust my starting hand requirements for this phenomenon as the straddle usually prompted capped action before it even got to me. No matter; I didn’t have the cards to limp either!

I don’t have to go on and on about how it feels to get lousy cards for a week when you’re on a poker cruise, where the main form of entertainment is, obviously, poker. I was definitely frustrated and longing for the Bellagio, where you barely need cards, even in the low limit games! On this ship it was the textbook definition of no fold ’em hold ’em. The upside is now I get to go home and get online with these folks, catch some cards, and continue earning steady money from them. Wahoo!

Off to board my flight to JFK. Tonight: the sit ‘n go draught ends!