Viva Las Vegas

Played in the Bellagio’s 4/8 Hold ‘Em game yesterday for about eight hours and doubled my buy-in after being up much more and losing with AA, QQ, and AK in rapid succession to river rats. This game was so good. Since it’s the lowest limit offerred by the Bellagio, all the newbies who want to play poker where the “big boys” play sit in this game, which makes it very sweet for someone with some knowledge of how the game actually works. I don’t want to brag about my play, since I’m about to get back in the trenches today and don’t want to incur the wrath of the poker gods, but I will offer some tales of the wonderful people who sat down during my eight hour stint.

1. One woman sat down and bought in for the minimum (40). She played every hand, and almost every hand all the way down to the river, and lost her buy-in in about five minutes. She rebought about five more times. Her daughter, who had never played poker before, had decided she wanted to try her hand at the 2/5 no-limit game being spread at the next table over. About every twenty minutes she would come over to get more money from her mother, and each time she had some awesome bad beat story. “Mom, it was so unfair, I got it all in with A9 and the other guy had A4 and I had him until the river but then you will never guess what came on the river…” etc. The sad end to this tale is that I didn’t get my hands on any of this woman’s money.

2. Young man with yellow (!) sunglasses sits down on my right. He totes an absurd amount of chips. He proceeds to ask me what the blinds are in the 4/8 game, an understandable question if you’re new or if 4/8 is not your regular limit and you’re just checking to make sure. I explain the blinds and this guy goes, “Thanks for explaining. I usually play no-limit, you see.” (If anyone can think of a tactful response to this, insert here ___________________ .)

3. Big talker who sits down and starts rattling off the names of all his buddies who play at the Bellagio – you know, Daniel, Phil, Jennifer – and claims that he plays with them in the 10/20 game. Someone else at the table found a response to this for me: “Um, so why are you playing 4/8 then?” His response: “I’m just killing time, man.” Ten minutes into his stay at our table, he gets in a fight with a floor person. Awesome.

I won’t go on about the many people I met yesterday, because I have to go get ready to play today. One problem with playing for that many hours is that my chip riffling hand and wrist are killing me. I’ll have to switch for today.

Another problem: I picked the wrong part of the week for small buy-in tournies. There is only one today in my price range, and it’s at the Sahara, which I’ve discovered is pretty far from where I’m staying on the strip. When you factor in the cab ride there and back, that almost doubles the buy-in! Not worth it to me, really. Not when this 4/8 game is here. Here’s hoping for another great day of poker. Tomorrow is my birthday and the cruise!

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nice to know, i’m also a low stakes player and will be staying at bellagio next weekend. was there a long wait to get on one of these juicy 4/8 tables? what day of the week and what times were you playing?


The wait time for the 4/8 tables at the Bellagio was very long. Luckily they have free copies of CardPlayer magazine to occupy your time, and I also recommend the excellent “Snacks” restaurant or noodle bar near the poker room. The wait is extra long because the Bellagio is redoing their poker room and they have the poker tables in a temporary and smaller area. Well worth the wait, though.

Just be aware that this smaller room size creates problems on days when they Bellagio is hosting one of their daily tournaments. On Friday I waited for over an hour while they ran satellites for an evening tourney before realizing they were going to have even less tables available because they were running the tourney in that room as well. If the wait gets too long for you, just head over to the Mirage. It’s only two properties down (walkable) and the 3/6 is just as juicy. Beware that it’s very smoky in their room, though.

As for time of day, I played anywhere from noon until four a.m. and found the games to be just as sweet the whole day. Enjoy!

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