New York winters cause seriously dry skin.

We had a nice break in the bitter cold weather today, and it was a good opportunity to recall that spring is not so very far away here in the big (frozen) apple. I have to give myself a pat on the back; usually, I am huddled in my warm, cozy house until winter blows past us.

Not this year. Between classes, treks to Harlem for murder mystery parties, and visits to some longtime New Yorkers like Skeletor (pictured above, no relation to the He-Man character), I have been all over this great land and back again despite the frigid temps. I attribute this burst of energy to several factors, not the least of which is my apparent inability to get to the gym EVER. I’m using all the energy I should be using to work out for partying with my roomies and causing general mischief throughout the five boroughs. Good for me.

Today’s warm weather got my hopes up for an early spring. I cannot WAIT for sunny days, grass, and escaping my office to eat lunch in Washington Square Park. And who can forget the most important aspect of spring: METS BASEBALL 2007 BABY!!!!!!!!

And not long after spring comes summer, with the beach, Gowanus Yacht Club, snoozing at Prospect Park, and hopefully some restful vacation in a foreign land………!!! Whew, got ahead of myself there. For now, let’s pray for no snow tomorrow. Snow. Gag me. Evil white beasties. Why must you plague me?!

…….and scene.

The light at the end of winter’s tunnel…

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