Catalunya Nonsense



This depressing photo was taken from my apartment balcony this afternoon. No retouching was required to make it a black and white shot.

Upstaters may be amused to know that this dusting of snow was enough to collapse the entire city. Schools sent children home early; city buses were called back to the depot. Some minister of something is on TV warning everyone to stay in their homes.

The Catalonian Snow Plan is in full effect. It is called NEUCAT. Neu (pronounced ‘NAY-oo’) is the Catalan word for snow. The fact that the national snow emergency plan has part of my name in it just adds insult to injury. It seems that even moving to a sun-drenched Mediterranean paradise, my fate is inextricably linked to the white beasties. Touché, winter. Touché.

Download your very own copy of the 38-page NEUCAT snow emergency plan