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I didn’t end up going to AC this weekend, as you know if you were looking for me there. Sorry to stand you all up – especially those of you who stepped out for karaoke (Rob, Steve…). The Mets had a huge weekend against the Braves and I was happy to stick around the city and support them. Even if the only game I saw in person was Game 3. At least the weather was gorgeous!

Taking a break from poker can be very refreshing, especially when…Jeff and Lauri Calkins invite you to a $3-6 H.O.H.E. rotation game on Saturday night. With their lovely home, delicious home-made goodies, and handsome puppy Jake, the scene was set for a lovely evening.

I arrived late and quickly made up for lost time by getting stuck $150. As Joan cackled wickedly, stacking my chips, I rebought and stuffed six mini quiches into my mouth. If I was going to lose tonight, at least I’d get my money’s worth in mini quiches. I scooped a couple big Omaha pots, scooped a large stud pot (I think it was actually the only stud hand I won all night), and worked my luckbox magic on a couple of multi-way straddled hold ’em hands to get back to even and then book a nice win for the evening.

While at the game, we were passing around a recent Times article written by one Mr. Dan Barry (left), who did a write-up of New Yorker Victor Ramdin’s recent WPT win and charity work. Sadly, Victor’s commendable charity efforts were vastly overshadowed by Barry’s grade school level journalism. The article contains such literary gems as “His hand contained the fast-beating ace of hearts” and a closing line that will knock your socks off. If you are a Times Select subscriber or can find a copy of Sunday’s paper you must read this article. Simply stunning.

Moral of the story today, kids: poker can become a real drag if you let it. We all get run down sometimes, whether from a bad streak of sessions, a draught of tourney scores (yours truly), or just from thinking and talking about the game too intensely. Mixing it up, playing in a live home game, reading goofy articles in a publication not geared specifically toward poker players, or just plain walking away from the table for a few days can be very, very healthy indeed. Let’s all try it!

And to distract you from poker, here is a bitchin’ shot I took of Jose Reyes batting in Sunday’s game. If you look closely, you can actually see the ball approaching home plate.

Jose gets the job done. I heart Jose.

Hey all you Vegas junkies…

Anybody play the $1/2 NLHE games in Vegas? Of course you do. I’m the only fool who doesn’t. Where are the juiciest games? Mirage? Bellagio? Other? Anyone have a good small stakes tourney recommendation? ($100 or less) A friend of mine is headed out there this weekend and he’s looking for a good spot. Thanks!

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The MGM has a great set of juicy 1/2 and 2/5 NL games. The room is a bit small, but there should be a few 1/2 and 2/5 games going. Also their 65 and 115 dollar daily tourneys during the week are great. Although the structure is quite poor (blinds moving up too fast forcing the tourney into a bit of a crapshoot), any decent player with tournament experience can do really well. The players all seem to play a bit too aggressive early on, and much too tight as it gets close to the final table. Knowing things like pot odds and how to pick your spots for stealing will put you light years ahead of competition in these tournaments. I recommend these for your friend if you think his game is above average at all.

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