Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Poker

I have been on a poker rampage in the last few days. Basically I went to my home game on Friday and didn’t stop playing poker until Tuesday morning. Then I went to work. Then I played poker in one form or another on Tuesday and Wednesday evening. A catch-up post is coming soon. The quick and dirty version: played my home game, played at a card club in Brooklyn, drove home, overshot my exit and decided to go to Atlantic City, played there, came home, played at the card club again, played at ESPNZone in Times Square, played at the card club again, and then went to sleep.

It’s gonna be a good post, I promise.

Also working on the new website – I’m hoping to roll it out sometime this month.

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That run of play seems like a clear sign of poker addiction. Good for you! Hope it was a winning run?

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