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Going upstate for Passover tonight, but I am way behind on poker updates, so here is a digest of what’s been going on in April:

  • Took third in the home game. After this, I played all comers heads up and impressed everyone at the game who matters. Two sick plays against Anthony: 1) holding A6s, I made a bluff bet on the river when the board missed me completely. Anthony reraised, and after putting together all the pieces I decided he was trying to steal this pot with a bluff himself. I called his bet. Ace high with six kicker was good. 2) On a board with three diamonds, a possible straight, and a pair of queens, Anthony made a big bet on the river. I held pocket fours and called. Queens and fours were good. I can’t give any more detail because that would give away the dead read I have on this kid! Just kidding, Anthony. Sort of.
  • Took second in a two table tourney at Northside. It should have been first, but I tried to move a tight player off his hand after a preflop raise heads up, and unfortunately he had the goods and busted me. Still a pretty decent showing for my debut at a new club. I then played heads up against all comers and made a chunk of change.
  • On the way home from the Northside, we missed the exit for my house. Instead of turning around, we kept driving and went to AC to hit the weekend tourneys and cash games. (This was at approximately six a.m.) After a night of no sleep, I failed to cash in the Showboat $50 freezeout but crushed a $3-6 limit cash game where Anthony and I sat just to mess around. While at this table, the following funny shit took place:
  1. A man examined my “card shark” card protector and insisted it was a fish, not a shark (thinly veiled insult aimed at me…very thinly.) I explained that because of the teeth and dorsal fin, it was clearly a shark. The following conversation took place:

Clown: All fish have dorsal fins.

Jodi: What are you, a marine biologist?

Clown: Yes.

[10 mins later]

Jodi: I love dolphins. I swam with dolphins in Japan a few years ago. Do you work with dolphins?

Clown: Yes. Dolphins are very smart fish.

Jodi: [insta-call] Dolphins aren’t fish. They’re mammals.

Clown: [silence]

Jodi: You’re a marine biologist? Where do you work?

[Clown on tilt for the rest of the night]

2. I raised Anthony’s big blind almost every round. Once with seven-deuce of diamonds. Twelve callers. Flop three diamonds. I bet and get called. Turn a blank. I bet and get raised by a guy in a fishing vest (we had given him the nickname “Wonderboy” a few hours earlier). I call. River another diamond. I check it down with a sigh and Wonderboy rolls over ace of spades…ace of hearts. Simply stunning.

  • After booking a nice with in that game and bouncing on the bubble from the Borgata unlimited rebuy tourney (completely card dead; three pocket pairs in five hours. First one, I flop a set and end up chopping with the board comes five diamonds; second one, I steal the blinds; third one, pocket queens, we get a misdeal because the dealer didn’t move the button.) We came back to NYC and changed clothes, then proceeded directly to the Northside for their freeroll $500 added tourney with unlimited rebuys. Didn’t cash, but traded 10% with George, which everyone said was a bad investment. George went on to chop 1st and 2nd and I got $90 bucks.
  • Went to ESPNZone Tuesday night for a charity poker tournament that was giving a seat to a WSOP circuit event as a prize. I was just sweating Anthony and enjoying the food, but as a spectator I was still appalled by the structure: 2K starting chips, 10 minute levels. This wasn’t poker, it was a slot machine!
  • Wednesday was the 30/20/20 at Northside. Got short-stacked, then got involved in the following hand: a guy who’d been playing like a maniac all night raised UTG. Guy who’s more short stacked than me moves all-in. I have JJ. I move all-in to isolate the short-stack. Mrono behind me pushes his sunglasses up onto his head and sits back in his chair, goes into the “tank” (which for him is a fish tank) and says, “I guess I have to call.” Initial raiser calls as well. He shows KQ (???). Short stack shows QQ. I have my lil’ JJ. and mrono has KK. IGHN. Mrono goes on to take 1st.
  • Took Thursday off.
  • Friday, went to my friend Colin’s dance recital. It was bangin’. Got to the home game late and donked off my stack in short order. Went home and got some sleep.
  • Saturday was AC Part Deux. Teddy and I rocked the Taj $340 but unfortunately I faced another sick run of dead cards and limped into 12th (out of 96). Went to sleep as early as possible despite my infantile roomies bouncing off the walls after an overdoes of Red Bull. Got up to play the 10:15 Taj $100 freezeout. 73 players, and with me, Rubin, Sasha, Teddy, and Anthony we seemed a lock to take it down. My card dead-ness continued and I limped into 21st. But happily the rest of the “corporation” went deep. Sasha took 7th after making a sick read-cum-suckout that left him crippled; Rubin and Anthony went 1 and 2. I got my buy-in back as well as a delicious meal at Carmine’s. Plus after investing in Sasha’s blackjack skillz, I was actually up for the trip even though I didn’t cash in any tourneys and played no side games.

I’ve been taking it easy this week, playing a bit of limit hold ’em online but mostly working on my website, which will be going live very soon. For now, it’s off to Schenectady for Pesach. Chag Sameach, everybody!

Play good!

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Friggin 10-2o calls my A-Ks!!!!
who is ahead?????pot comitted wtf??? that could have been a steak dinner….
oISAhdgo;ahg;slgs (gremlin)!!!!!!!

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