Design Technology

Two worlds collide

Two new designs have been added to my web portfolio this week.

The first is the test site for Brandon Schaefer’s new home on the web. The content factor is pretty low since I’m designing the site while Mr. Brandon completes his whirlwind global trek. For now, enjoy the sexy nav bar (rollover color/images subject to change) and the tantalizingly linkless Flash map in the travel section. [edit: This page is no longer available.]

Design number two is the more sedate MentorU website cooked up for NYU. This was a project that gave me an excuse to adjourn to an area of my office known as “the cave,” where we keep all the really fab web developer software. From the primordial Adobe ooze emerged this sweet little slice of web goodness. As sites go it’s pretty standard, but I see it as a milestone in my NYU and web design careers. After four months of training as a web designer, an office on this campus saw fit to let me oversee an entire web project from start to finish. And that ain’t half bad.

This semester I am studying information architecture, taking my XHTML and CSS skills to the max, and breaking my copy-and-paste habits by delving into PHP and MySQL for serious. My goal is to design my own database-driven portfolio site by the end of the semester/beginning of my busy season at the office. My ultimate goal is to get a design job somewhere on campus. Working at NYU is just too good a deal to give up for a low-level coding gig at some giant communications company.